Universal Consciousness

Front cover CMYKMarch 11, 2012


SJ – We haven’t posted anything in quite a while.

Joshua – I know do you want to?

SJ – Yes

Joshua – Souls carry emotions with them when they ascend and these emotions are released into the Universal Consciousness.

SJ – Universal Consciousness?

Joshua – You’re not just ‘whistling Dixie’ down there you know. You’re accumulating knowledge, information and above all energy that you release into the world stream of consciousness when your body dies. So it is important that each one of you take care about how you leave this planet and what you take with you.

SJ – You mean like peaceful vs. violent deaths?

Joshua – Yes

SJ – But we really don’t have control over that.

Joshua – Men do purposefully and consciously go to war; murder one another; act stupidly such as driving drunk etc. People might think twice if they were taught that their actions matter.

SJ – I think you mean our actions matter to the Universe? We all know that there are consequences for our actions.

Joshua – Energy goes round and round; it comes back.

SJ – Are we talking about karma again?

Joshua – No karma as we have stated before is with oneself about oneself. I’m talking about the energy that is released from every living thing, human or beast. Even a plant releases negative energy when it is picked or stepped on.

SJ – But we have to eat plants. I mean I’m already not eating animals.

Joshua – The eastern religions have it right when they live a mindful life and eat mindfully.

SJ – We say grace before each meal.

Joshua –  And you are therefore mindful of the bounty given to you by mother earth and this puts out positive energy. It is not an accident that the idea to give thanks entered someone’s head and was adopted by so many people.

SJ – So we cancel the negative with the positive action of acknowledging the sacrifice of the plant or animal? I think that you are again talking about positive and negative energy?

Joshua – You are correct and I say this to you: Do not underestimate the importance of positive attitude.

Many of you are willing to try this because you think it will affect personal outcomes for each of you but I am here to tell you that while this is true, the most important effect is the energy that is poured into the Universal Consciousness. It is this Universal Consciousness that dictates how things will go and how they will eventually end for you humans. So begin teaching this now.

SJ – So when I’m cranky with friends or family members or the guy on the road in my way I’m not just hurting my own karma, I am releasing poison air, so to speak, into our universe?

Joshua  –  Correct. Humans are evolving at a rapid rate of speed technologically, socially and spiritually. And this is no accident. You are racing toward the ultimate purpose of your existence.

SJ – Which is?

Joshua – Your purpose is to bring positive energy to your Universal Consciousness so that it can merge with other conscious entities in other worlds.

SJ – Other entities?

Joshua – God wants to see something else beside the now unimaginative actions that have been going on for centuries with you humans.

SJ – You mean we’re boring God? Now that you mention it soap operas are going off the air so I guess even we are bored with all the relationship drama.  But these ‘goings on’ as you say are new to every soul that is born into this physical world.

Joshua – Seriously! (I like that you all say that now). May I remind you, you’ve been a believer in reincarnation for quite some time now.

SJ – Well yes.

Joshua – Then you know or should know that I am talking about your soul enduring your reckless actions lifetime after lifetime.

Even your physical minds are tired of all the drama. How many more wars can you have before you wipe yourselves off the planet; how many more failed marriages must you all endure?  You are all ready for new experiences.

SJ – You mean experiences with extra-terrestrials?

Joshua – Yes and, here’s the exciting part: You will be able to interact with souls who have passed on and souls who live in other realms.

The human race is ready for some new drama; new experiences. Thanks to television and the internet you see that people all over the world go through the same life dramas as you . But listen to me, girl, more amazing inventions are coming.

SJ – So you’re saying we are all jaded because we see the same dramas over and over all over the world?

Joshua – Yes and you see that the human experience is limited and is therefore becoming boring. How much sex can you watch in videos; how much violence do you want to see in movies? You are even resorting to seeing machines fighting each other because blood and guts no longer hold your interest.

SJ – So it’s time for us to explore new worlds, new adventures? And the energy we are putting out into the atmosphere or the universal consciousness will affect some sort of space or soul travel?

Joshua – Exactly! You all need to pour out positive energy. Do what all of your prophets have tried to convey to you: Love.

There is something wonderful waiting for all of you if you will just do that. For centuries you have believed in heaven. Now believe me when I tell you that “heaven” is within your reach but it does not look like what you expect.

SJ – In other words it’s not about morality; we’re not being “good” to reach heaven, we’re being good to manufacture positive energy?  And this energy is going to propel us to new and exciting adventures with the spirit world?

Joshua – Yes. The angels first came to earth because it seemed fun and thrilling but they stayed in physical form too long; they forgot how to get back to heaven.

So now you will all have to work backwards; back to the time when angels could easily travel from heaven and earth the way you go from New York to Paris.  You get the picture?

SJ – To just sum this up: We humans are bored with the drama of our lives because we’ve watched this drama unfold for us in movies; internet; world news etc. and there is nothing new under the sun. It’s always the same old story just different players.

For those of us who believe in reincarnation does this mean we don’t need to keep accumulating life experiences so that we can progress toward heaven?

Joshua – Right this method is old news now. That is why there are so many light workers banding together; again thanks to the internet. They will attempt to lead the rest of the human race into the future. A future that will take you onto adventures you cannot even dream about from your myopic human experience.

SJ – I see it now: I’m in love triangle with an extra-terrestrial and Attila the Hun. That should be exciting enough! Is there anything else I need to know?

Joshua – No I think you get the picture. So start putting out positive energy and continue your meditation which by the way is taking you further then even I thought you could go.

SJ – Well I’m still not doing it on my own; it’s thanks to some very gifted light workers that I’m able to open my heart more and more.

Joshua – Amen to that. . .love


The Unexpected Journey

Jan 9, 2012

SJ – Do you have any topic you want to discuss today?

Joshua – Absolutely you are about to embark on an unexpected journey into your soul and it will happen soon.

SJ – What is it?

Joshua – I told you it’s unexpected.

SJ – Great that should hold my readers’ interest.

Joshua – Okay let’s talk about unpredictable situations.

SJ – Okay.

Joshua – If you think that life is unpredictable you are right.

SJ – Not such a news flash, Joshua.

Joshua – Let me finish.

SJ – Be my guest, I’m all ears.

Joshua – When life becomes such a mess, as most people are in, than you will focus on your true path thus the unpredictable is actually the path you’re supposed to be on.

SJ – You’re losing my interest Joshua.

Joshua – Okay let us say that once you are on a path set forth by your soul you will be able to drive faster and faster to your goals.

SJ – So am I on that path?

Joshua – Yes.  Now do you get what I’m trying to say?

SJ – Not really.

Joshua – You were not expecting to have to be a caregiver all of your life. You thought that you would be a world class artist but life kept getting in the way. You had three children, three husbands, jobs of all sorts, then grandkids and now you have your mother at home. So you turned to your keyboard when there was a moment of silence and you found me.

SJ – Yes I did and I am forever grateful for that. You have been a kind of a spiritual Dear Abby to me. I’ve posted our conversations even though they’re personal because I know my story is like a million others. And perhaps someone will benefit from your words of wisdom.

Thanks to you, my friends and all the soul searching I’ve been doing, I’m in a really good place now; so no more whining from me.

I would like for you to tell me who you really are. Are you the biblical Joshua?

Joshua – Maybe.

SJ – Don’t toy with me Joshua.

Joshua – The answers you seek depend on you. You really need to start meditating.

SJ – I’m sorry but meditating is boring, there’s no fighting, no sex, no intrigue, no adventure just annoying silence.

Joshua – If you will sit still and do it right you’ll get all the mind blowing adventure you can handle.

SJ – For the love of God Joshua, just tell me who you are.  I’m a medium for God’s sake, I don’t need to meditate.

Joshua – Getting huffy are we. You must stay on your journey and follow each successive step as your soul intended for you to do.

SJ – Just give me one little nugget of information to inspire me then.

Joshua – You will be inspired soon so just wait.

SJ – What do I have to do to get there?

Joshua – Light the candles while you meditate.

SJ – Don’t you mean type? That is, after all, how I meditate.

Joshua – That is how you channel. Meditation is an entirely different experience. So get to it child!

SJ – Yes, sir.

Joshua – That’s my girl!

The Soul Whisperer

My intention for writing this blog is to share wisdom garnered from my life, from my own soul memories and from my spirit guide who tells me his name is Joshua.

Are we ready?

SJ – So Joshua in a few days it will be 2012.  do you want to keep writing the blog?

Joshua – Do you?

SJ – Well there are a few followers. What do you want to talk about?

Joshua – Let’s talk about hope.

SJ – What do you want to say about hope?

Joshua – It is an energetically tangible expression of love. Only in love can you have hope. Because it is with love that you are able to expect a happy ending.

SJ – Okay makes sense but what has this got to do with me.

Joshua – You are losing hope about your writing skills and whether or not anyone is interested or listening.

SJ – That is true.

Joshua – So do you enjoy writing?

SJ – Yes

Joshua – Then what does it matter if anyone reads what your write?

SJ – It matters because it validates that my thoughts are worth something to someone and that I’m not wasting my time.

Joshua – Are you feeling worthless?

SJ – Well not worthless in the sense that I don’t deserve to exist, just worthless in that I don’t seem to have the writing skills required to make a living doing something I love to do.

Joshua – Let me tell you something my daughter of the truth seekers, you are not worthless as long as you love one person. And you write because you love the spirit who sends you his thoughts. You write because another soul has whispered his secrets to you and has poured out his heart. So if no one ever reads a word of what you wrote down, know that you have created a small space of love for another soul, a soul who has passed on and is still seeking resolve for the life he just led.

You are a medium for the departed not the living. You offer a chance for someone to review their past history; someone who walked this earth and struggled with demons of their own making; someone who desperately sought happiness; someone who loved and hated; someone who survived the best way they knew how but upon reflection are not sure if they chose the right path or made the right decisions.

I know that you do not just listen, you converse with the departed soul, even offer advice. By allowing this soul to review their life with you, you are ultimately a gateway for eternal bliss to a soul who has left this earth.

A soul who has passed on is no different from a soul on earth, they want to be heard; they want to talk about the life they just led, or what they consider to be their most important life. You are not just a sounding board to them because you have sympathy and empathy for them and their life story. You cry with them and laugh with them. Your reactions validate their lives; the joy they experienced and the pain they suffered.

And this should show you that the  desire to be heard will never go away even after one has passed on. Every soul living or dead wants to be heard; to be seen; to not be invisible or forgotten. That is how important a life in human form is.

SJ – Are you saying that one of the reasons a soul wants to be human is so they can act out their emotions?

Joshua – Precisely. It is only in human form that a soul can see, touch, hear and smell the consequences of their actions; only in human form can you be charitable, accomplished, vengeful, remorseful and all of the other emotions you humans are capable of feeling.

SJ – Can’t they do that in the spiritual realm?

Joshua – Not without physical bodies.

SJ – But can’t they feel emotions without a body?

Joshua – Emotions without wet tears on your face or the sound of laughter in your ears do not have the same intensity when you’re only a soul. Or how about when you’re part of an audience and you all applaud in agreement for a good performance.

SJ – It gives the feeling of unity.

Joshua – When a soul tells you his story he can relive these emotions through you. And he can come to some sort of resolution about his life when he lived on the planet earth.

SJ – Well their real life stories are more interesting than most of the fiction I read.

Joshua – That is because you feel the emotion behind the words just as if they were sitting in front of you talking to you, one on one.

SJ – Do you know the spirit who is currently telling me his story?

Joshua – Yes

SJ – What do you think?

Joshua – I think he is keeping you company and lifting your spirits in exchange for your time.

SJ – So as you are speaking to me I am thinking that perhaps I should post his story as a private blog given to only a few people?

Joshua – I think that you are taking a risk.

SJ – Why?

Joshua – You are talking about someone somebody out there knows.

SJ – What do you think might happen?

Joshua – Lawsuit.

SJ – Do you know this for sure or are you just reflecting my own fears back to me?

Joshua – I’m just reflecting back your fears.

SJ – Can’t you give me some legal advice?

Joshua – That’s what lawyers are for. I’m your spiritual advisor. So take a leap, make contact with a solid mass of cells.

SJ – I take it you mean a lawyer?

Joshua – Of course, now do you have any more spiritual matters to talk about?

SJ – No, I think you’ve given me enough to ponder on.

Joshua – Okay then, until next time.

What’s Wrong With Me?

This is a re-posting of a blog I created sometime ago but I think is worth repeating.

SJ – My intention is to share wisdom garnered from my life; from my own soul memories and from my muse whom I have named Joshua.   Are we ready?

SJ – I know I should eat right, exercise my body and my brain, meditate etc., but I feel like I’m standing in quicksand, going nowhere. What’s wrong with me?

Joshua- Your body suffers the condition of your mind and soul.

SJ – You mean I look like I am?

Joshua –  Exactly!

SJ – Ouch!  Have you looked at me lately? I could stand to lose a few pounds.

Joshua – How much negative energy are you carrying around?

SJ- A lot and none of it is my fault.

Joshua – Making a joke are we?

SJ – Okay some of it is, but have you seen the state of the world? Have you seen my life, the choices I made?

Joshua – Exactly! Choices you made. Remember your soul is not here just for grins, it has an agenda.  Your body is simply a vehicle for the soul to experience a wide range of emotions and to learn to come to terms with human feelings.

The gifts or talents your body inherits are used to sustain your human condition and that of your community. Your gifts reflect your soul’s agenda, the condition of your soul, and what your soul needs to do in this life experience.

SJ – So my gifts or talents are to be used for something other than a caressing of my ego?

Joshua – The way in which you choose to use or not uses these gifts is a reflection of the condition of the health of your mind; meaning how well you are able to keep your ego in check.

SJ –To get back to my soul’s agenda:  I was not quite the innocent baby I thought I was?

Joshua – Not quite, your soul brought some baggage with it: Karma from past lives; lessons it needs to learn, wrongs it needs to right etc.

There is a purpose and reason for every soul born onto this earth. It’s up to you to figure out what that is and to accomplish that goal.

Souls shop for a body just as you shop for clothes. You know what you want to spend, where you want to go in them and what function these clothes will have. Your soul chooses its parents based on the physical DNA and the environment the parents can offer in order for the soul to experience the obstacles it needs to overcome for spiritual advancement.

SJ – You mean moral issues?

Joshua – More like life lessons. In order for souls to learn from their human experience they use each other to experience different realities. Let us say in one lifetime you experienced the pain of rejection and abandonment from your father. In your next lifetime the roles may be reversed.

It is hard to understand how the soul works with the body but let me explain this to you: The soul is you. You are not your body. You are your soul. Your body is simply your vehicle. How you treat your body is a reflection of the condition of your soul. An abused body is telling you that your mind needs work; a dysfunctional mind is telling you that your soul needs work.

Respect your soul and your body will function better.

SJ – So if I want my body to be healthy I should see to the health of my soul?

Joshua – Don’t forget the mind, the three cannot be separated until the soul chooses to return to its source.

Father, Son and Holy Ghost is a metaphor for Mind, body, spirit. In man the concept of “the Trinity” is created as it is in heaven.

SJ – I feel like my personal trinity is in a constant struggle. Can I become aware of my own soul sickness and cure the body?

Joshua – The soul is in charge here. There comes a time when the soul is ready to leave the existence it was forced into. That is why it is so hard to exercise, eat well, stop smoking etc. You know better and you know what to do but the soul has its own agenda.

SJ – Are you suggesting that when the soul has had enough of the body (the body it chose) it will callously say farewell, so long, see you? Are you seriously suggesting that we are helpless in the face of the soul’s wants and needs?

Joshua – If the soul cannot get the body on the right path to accomplish the goal it has set for itself, or if it has already accomplished that goal and sees no reason to stay, then yes, it’s going home.

SJ – We can’t overcome our souls, ourselves? Willpower is not what it’s all about? I am distressed. I care about my body.

Joshua – No you don’t. It’s of little consequence to you. It must suffer the soul’s sickness so that the soul will seek healing.

SJ – So the body is letting the soul know that the soul needs help?

Joshua – Yes and I repeat this because this answer is important: Just as the three in heaven are one, so are you. Just as God, the Son and the Holy Ghost are three in one, so are you. You are mind, body and spirit.

The physical world is a choice of experiences to help you to know God and for God to know you.

SJ – So I have to use my mind to its fullest potential, exercise my body and pray or meditate for the sake of my soul. I think I’ve heard this somewhere before.

A Conversation with Nur

Nur in the Desert

32 AD – Desert Campsite
Nur removed the sword from its sheath and held it up by the light of the blazing campfire. The precious stones in the gold hilt sparkled in the light. He grunted in disgust when he noticed a tiny speck of blood on the beautiful emerald, the centerpiece of his prized possession. He was always amazed at how many men were willing to die for a roll
of silk or a bundle of cinnamon. If more men surrendered, he would not have to spend so much time cleaning his weapons, he reasoned.

Mia – Before I ever thought of writing a book you came to me.  Actually I want to say you pushed your way into my life. I was innocently typing away at something, I’ve forgotten what, when you began recounting this incredible story to me. Do you remember your first words?

Nur – I said: “It has been two thousand years since you and I were together and still our souls suffer the effects of those long ago events.” Those words did get your attention.

Mia – As you can see I wrote a book about our life together two thousand years ago. Are you satisfied with the outcome?

Nur – You worked really hard and I am thrilled with your efforts.            

Mia – Thrilled with my efforts! Is that all you have to say?

Nur – I am embarrassed because I was the aggressor in the story and you were the aggrieved. Even in this life, I have caused you many lost years.

Mia – What do you mean by lost years?

Nur- Let’s face it you could have been doing many other things instead of sitting in front of a keyboard typing out my story.

Mia – Correction, our story. I wanted to hear the story as much as you wanted to tell it. So just for grins, do you mind quoting your next line?

Nur – “I am Nur. Two thousand years ago I murdered you, and
I am here to beg your forgiveness.”

You could have just listened without spending so much time writing a book.

Mia – I had to write it because this is a story about forgiveness and redemption. If I could forgive a man who murdered me then it is possible to forgive anyone their sins.

Nur – You know that it is more than that. You wrote a romantic love story about Sam and Christy. And you managed to convey the powerful bond two men can have with each other. Honestly I almost cried and I knew the story.                                       

Mia – Are you mocking me?

Nur- Never in a million years, my jewel. By now you know that we are soul mates for all time. Hopefully before we agree to our next life we will choose to incarnate as lovers instead of two men within a family. Then I shall show you how much I love you.

Mia – Why wait until we incarnate again. In the story you showed me how spirits make love: “A powerful vacuum force inhaled Christy’s energy and blended it with Nur’s. The two souls spun together like a whirling tornado. . . .”

Nur – I know, I know but that part of the story was just your wonderful imagination. And as I recall sex on earth is not just about love; it’s about power and control; it’s about intrigue and revenge. Oh how I miss that planet!

Mia – I’m not so sure you have evolved all that much spiritually. You said to me in the story that when I passed on from this life that you would be waiting for me at the gate. Are you going to rush me back into mortal form or will I get a chance to recoup?

Nur – You and I have not incarnated together on earth since that fateful night so long ago, when I plunged a dagger into your heart.

Mia – Why not?

Nur – I needed to incarnate with other souls into other situations so that I could grow emotionally and spiritually before encountering you again. Our passion for one another runs so deep that I might have hurt you again or you might have taken revenge out on me. I could not let that happen because it would take many lifetimes to atone for those sins.

Mia – Were you paving the way for our mortal reunion by asking me to forgive you now through my open channel?

Nur – Indeed I was. And you allowed me to caress your soul with my words. You stayed and you listened to me.                                                                                        

Mia – How is that you could go from fierce warrior and thief to a follower of Christ?

Nur – You were there, do you not remember?

Mia – I only know what I have typed on the keyboard. I can fantasize what we looked like or what the scenery looked like but I do not actually see it, or smell it, or feel it. For that matter I could not know two thousand years ago what you were thinking or
feeling unless you told me; no more than I can know what someone in my present life is actually thinking.
Note to reader: (During my lifetime with Nur, two thousand years ago, I was his son-in-law, Armand, and married to his daughter, Ecibel. I refused to obey Nur’s orders to kill the man who stole his sword.)

Nur – And for that reason, I plunged a dagger into your heart. The guilt and pain I felt after murdering you nearly destroyed me. I was physically sick. I wretched for days; my legs were so weak I could barely stand and my head throbbed with agonizing, blinding pain.  My daughter, Ecibel, and my wife, Sephora, would not speak to me so intense was their anger. I began to feel some relief when I justified my actions by blaming the man who caused you to change. Finally I forced myself to go to that little spot of earth where you died. I looked down and saw your blood smeared across a rock. I broke down and my body shook in anguish. When at last I could stand again I made the decision to find the man I deemed responsible for your death.

Mia – So you went looking for Jesus?

Nur – I could not blame myself for this heinous act of murder so I blamed Jesus. As you know I set out to find him and kill him.

Mia – But you didn’t kill him, in fact in the end you were ready to lay down your life for him.

Nur – He had an energy about him that is almost indescribable. When he walked the air around him seemed to pop. There was a power about him that even I, as a chief, did not have. I was powerful because to disobey me was to court death. When I wanted something, I took it. If a man resisted, he died. If a woman resisted, she was banished from the tribe.

Mia – I suppose all that was normal for the times, but I can’t help but feel that you weren’t ‘bad to the bone’, as they say.

Nur – I was considered a good leader and provider for my tribe; and, I never killed a woman or harmed a child.                                                                                                

Mia – As I recall every man wanted to fight for you and every woman wanted to belong to you.

Nur – I believed this was my rightful position in life. When you (Armand) disobeyed me; and even worse when you declared that you would only obey Jesus, it was an insult I could not withstand. But in the end your actions brought me to salvation as well.

Mia – If you are saved, as you say, why are you spending time with me?

Nur – I am here on my knees, begging you to forgive me.

Front cover CMYK




August 23, 2011


This is a conversation with my spirit guide Joshua. The blog today is slightly different from the others. Joshua seems more urgent about the information he gives and it is also a little more personal.

 SJ – Joshua is there anything you want me to know?

Joshua  – Always, we are about to face a decision you and I.

SJ – What?

Joshua – You are either a medium or you are not.

SJ – What?

Joshua – It is time for you to get busy with your mission on this planet, so listen to me.

SJ – Okay.

Joshua – You need to seriously open up so we can tell you what to do.

SJ – What do I do?

Joshua – First get rid of all this clutter. Clutter makes you and everybody else crazy. Stuff has an energy about it that takes up space in the room.

SJ – I didn’t know energy needed space.

Joshua – It needs space to vibrate. Keep only the things that are personal to you, not because it was special to your mother or your grandmother or because the ad agency in NY said you needed to have it. Do this today then tomorrow you will begin to meditate and take yourself seriously.  We have work to do.

SJ – I’m thinking you don’t mean just me?

Joshua – No everybody needs to have a space for solitude where they can sit quietly and meditate, open up to their spiritual selves but I am talking to you now. Time is of the essence for what’s coming.

SJ – What’s coming?

Joshua – A change is in the air and all of the light workers will need to speak up. Churches are crumbling, governments are crumbling because there is a new order coming, a global order brought about by technology; a connection between all of mankind will happen soon.

SJ – You know governments can put an end to technology. They’re trying that in the middle-east.

Joshua – And it’s not working because technology is driven by private corporations, corporations who can over ride anything governments do.

SJ – Is this bad? After all corporations don’t collect taxes or send young men to war?

Joshua – True but they also don’t pave roads, create water systems or pay Social Security. But they can and do direct your lives. Look at the natural resources taken out of the earth and squandered on unnecessary items; look at the rate of obesity in the United States because of products put out by  corporations that are designed to cause addictions; look at the people sick from poison in cigarettes or pesticide in the plants and atmosphere. Corporations do that and governments don’t stop them until they are threatened by public outcry.

SJ – Why are you, Joshua, into all of this and why do you need the light workers?

Joshua – Because all that will be left is the light.

SJ – Do you mean we are dying off?

Joshua – No, I mean that all that will be left for each individual to control is their own light.

SJ – Do you mean what I think you mean; that we will lose total control of our lives?

Joshua – You already have. You eat what they give you in the stores; you live where you can find a job; you cannot move from place to place because you cannot afford the gas.

SJ – But what can we do with that light?

Joshua – You can create massive positive energy.

SJ – To what end?

Joshua – To the end of the universe;  to the end of time.

SJ – And when is that?

Joshua – Not for billions of years.  But if you want to exist as a human species for that long you have to know who you really are.

SJ – And who are we really?

Joshua – You are spiritual beings with bodies, light workers each and every
one of you.

SJ – Joshua where are we going with this conversation?

Joshua – We are going to figure out what you need to do.

SJ – We, I?

Joshua – Okay you are going to figure out what you need to be doing today.

SJ – Clear out the clutter today?

Joshua – You’ll get it back.

SJ – I’m sure you’re right. Every time I think I’ve cleared the house more stuff shows up. So once I’ve cleared the clutter, then what?

Joshua – Come back tonight and I will tell you.

SJ – Guess I’m going to do some Spring Cleaning.

Next Day

SJ – As you are well aware you and I are writing a blog. Am I to talk about clutter? Light workers? Positive Energy?

Joshua – Post about the clutter. . .actually post about all of it as is.

SJ – Okay is there anything I need to add to this blog?

Joshua – It’s your blog say what you want about me.

SJ – About you? I don’t really know who you are. For all I know you’re my imagination gone hay wire!

Are you the strong male spirit who lives with me that all of the psychics tell me they see?

Joshua – Yes but I am not alone. We are almost exclusively male guides for you.

SJ – Why?

Joshua – We have protected you in ways you cannot imagine. You have suffered emotional harm which was your karma to suffer but never physical harm. We gave you a shield of sorts.

SJ – Thank you!

Old Age


SJ – My intention is to share wisdom garnered from my life; from my
own soul memories and from my muse whom I have named Joshua.

I’ve just had another birthday and I guess I should be happy that I’m still here but old age is creeping up and I’m not thrilled about the physical changes that are land
sliding towards me.

Joshua – The soul decides when you die but you decide how you live.  Your
old age depends on your personal assessment of what it means to be old.

SJ – Are you saying that old age is a state of mind?

Joshua – The natural thing to do for most of you is to behave in your old age the way you saw your parents behave. But now with mass communication you can see how others handle aging.   

I know that DNA is an important factor here but remember you are mind, body and soul and you must get the three working in unison if you want to leave this world with a happy frame of mind.

SJ – What about life’s tragedies: environmental disasters, disease, stupid people?

Joshua – Circumstances will always interfere but if you are healthy in your three areas of direct responsibility you will manage to have a decent life in your golden years.

SJ – Direct responsibility; I am responsible for me and I don’t like it! It’s so much easier to blame someone or something else.

Joshua – Remember I said that the condition of your body is a reflection on the health of your soul. Your soul has a lot of power over your body. And your mind has control of the
energy vibrations you send out to the world. That is why it is so important to observe the teachings of the great masters who taught love.

SJ – And the mind is connected to the soul? And the trouble comes when we are disconnected?

Joshua – No, you can never disconnect the three (mind, body and soul), the trouble comes when you forget that you are a holy trinity. The more time you waste on being angry at the world the more difficult your journey will be. Being angry at anyone is a
total waste of time and you know that, so yes I am saying be a little self centered here when it comes to anger and push it away for the benefit of receiving and living a healthy old age. The same goes for regret: you can’t take back what has already transpired. You can try to make amends which might be commendable in some cases but generally you need to just move

SJ – Move forward? Easy for you to say, you’re free of physical restraints while those of
us down here are dragging around old baggage and old bodies.

Joshua – If you are stuck it’s because of your own thoughts and beliefs or to put it bluntly the lies you have told yourself through the years.

SJ – Like what?

Joshua – Lies like you’re going to be weak, fragile, demented, pretty much useless. All of that is a mind set. You can still accomplish much it’s just that by now you are more in tune with your surroundings; you’re not so myopic concerning goals. You will move through life at a slower pace but that is only because you are wiser.

SJ –  Slower? You do know that time is a wasting; I can’t really afford to move slower.

Joshua – Always remember that whatever happens to you was your choice either on a conscious level, a subconscious level or a super conscious.

SJ – Could you just explain each level?

Joshua – A conscious level means that you are facing the consequences of decisions you made while you where wide awake and aware of your body. For instance: who you chose for a mate, for friends, for jobs, for pleasure, for fun etc.  Many factors that are in your life are there because you put yourself in that situation. So why waste your time with regrets or being angry when consequences come back to hit you in the face?

Subconsciously you make decisions for reasons you are not aware of based on the circumstances of your childhood or where you lived or the times you live in.

Again stop whining because even these decisions you chose to live through, to work through so that you would have the opportunity to rise above and beyond your upbringing. This is part of soul growth, so to be angry with your parents or society for whatever reason is to be angry with yourself. This is your karma that you are working
through, your reason for existing on this planet in this lifetime. So bless the opportunities presented to you to grow spiritually, mentally and physically. After all if you had been born into Paradise why bother to be born at all?

SJ – Some of us might take issue with that, I mean isn’t it our goal to live in paradise?

Joshua – Yes but Paradise was not on the planet. Paradise was a spiritual existence. The Adam and Eve story was a way to explain what you all had lost in a way that physical minds could understand.

SJ – Okay I don’t really want to get into the biblical stories at the moment. You were saying …

Joshua – The third option was about decisions made on a super-conscious or soul level. This is where Karma comes into play. You don’t have karma with other people you have karma with yourself.

You made a soul decision to be who you are; who your parents are; where you live and even your physical appearance. Those around you are here to help you on your path to
spiritual awareness; to propel you into learning what you’re made of on a soul level.

You designed your whole life with the sole purpose of elevating yourself into a higher spiritual existence so that you don’t have to come back into a physical body, so that you
could stay in heaven or Paradise.

In other words you have to earn your ticket and you can’t do this if you are walking around the planet pissed off all the time. All of the great teachers have taught that you are here to experience love.

SJ – I’m living on the edge of harmony and I have to fight everyday to stay there, never mind living in complete harmony. But that’s my goal isn’t it?

Joshua –  You are all teetering on the edge of harmony as you say. Your goal is to take that step over the fence into complete harmony with the universe.

SJ – But first we have to be in harmony with ourselves?

Joshua – Happy Birthday! Soundestjewel, you’re well on your way!

Worry, Worry

June 21, 1011


SJ – I’m back to bother you Joshua.

Just when I think I have my life in order, that my spiritual journey is keeping my mortal life in check and that I have nothing to worry about something pops up to worry me. So now I am exhausted from worrying about why I’m still worrying about inconsequential things etc. etc. blah blah blah. . .

Please Joshua, don’t let me babble on and on. Say something!

Joshua – You need to realize that most things are out of your control and worrying is a waste of time.

SJ – Easy for you to say as you sit up there in serene bliss. I can’t stop myself from worrying, and believe me I try cause I know better. But nothing I say to myself works. I think the only way to not to worry is to live in a bubble; away from people, the environment, even animals.

Joshua – This is what you chose when you decided to inhabit a human body and live on the planet. And it is precisely why you came.

SJ – Are you saying I chose chaos, disaster and tragedy over peace and quiet?  Are you saying I chose crying, heartbreak, and emotional torture over security and love? I thought I came for love?

Joshua – You came to earn, to learn and to give love in spite of all these difficulties. When you can overcome the ego’s need to control you earn grace or positive energy.

SJ – The spiritual world is predictable, peaceful and joyful.

Joshua – Precisely! And personally I can only take so much of that. Supposedly when we (spiritual entities) are evolved enough to feel the pure bliss of Positive Energy (God) we won’t miss all of the emotional turmoil you experience on earth.

SJ – So you become voyeurs in the guise of guides come to help us poor mortals?

Joshua – My, my, you are cynical. But yes, that’s part of it, the other is to earn grace to reach that promised bliss and of course you know we do love you and your solid mass of

SJ – How romantically you put it Joshua. I’m just a solid mass of cells?

Joshua – Without your soul, yeah, pretty much that’s what you are. . . a rock! Just evolution taking shape, energy taking form.

A Soul Can Stop A Heart Beat

January 18, 2011

A reminder: I am having a conversation with my spirit guide, JOSHUA. You may call him my muse or my super-conscious or even my imagination. Our conversations started many years ago and so now thanks to the internet I am able to share what I have heard.

Why must I die?

SJ – Joshua you have said that the soul incarnates into human form with a mission in mind. For example, learning a specific lesson or doing something that will help humanity or even just one person. My question is:

When we have accomplished our mission is there any reason to stick around? Does the soul want to go back to the spirit world? Is our soul responsible for our death?

Joshua – I also mentioned to you many years ago that God is invested in you; he wants you to succeed in turning your energy into positive energy but in your physical terms this takes measurable time. In order to get enough time human beings have to survive. Your delicate bodies require nourishment, shelter, water and above all knowledge. For this reason some of you come to the planet on the mission to keep humanity going.

SJ – Are you saying that we are not all here for spiritual reasons?

Joshua ­– You’ve seen the blank looks from some people who have no idea of what you speak when you attempt to talk about spiritual matters?

SJ – Actually I’ve learned to be selective about revealing my innermost thoughts. Sometimes I am surprised by someone’s reaction but I think I instinctively know who to open up to and who to keep quiet around.

Joshua – I’ve seen that you are not shouting from the roof tops but you have made great progress in spreading the word, so to speak.

Don’t you think that if you were all truly aware that you are spiritual beings on a journey to godly awareness you would talk about this incessantly?

SJ – I suppose so. And yes I do what I can as a writer but I don’t see myself in a preacher’s pulpit anytime soon. And mostly I’m like everyone else, I’m more concerned with my physical condition and dare I use the worn out term my ego, “he loves me, he loves me not” or “does this dress make me look fat?” You know that sort of human conversation.

Joshua – That’s all about procreation and I might add a useful and much needed occupation of the mind and body.

SJ – Well frankly, I’m done with procreation so let’s go back to the subject at hand. When our soul is done with us, can it take us out?

Joshua – Yes, and don’t call me Frankly (Sorry, I’ve been watching old Airplane movies).

SJ – Sometimes I wonder if I’m really having a conversation with you, Joshua, or if it’s just my silly brain going back and forth?

Joshua – Where do you think you all get your humor from?

SJ – Are you claiming responsibility for all those Airplane movies?

Joshua – No, you can thank all of those creative types who came to the planet to bring joy and laughter to all those sad faces I see down there.

SJ – Which reminds me, we were talking about death!

Most of us are not happy about leaving this physical life. The exception might be someone who has suffered a long illness and wants relief. But the majority of us will do back flips to stay here.

Joshua – Really, when is the last time you exercised or resisted the wrong foods?

SJ – Guilty as charged and I even know what my soul is up to; it’s trying to get off the planet. That’s why I’m asking the question: Who is in charge here? Most of us want to stay but we are sure making it hard on the body to continue functioning properly.

Joshua – So maybe you’re teaching each other the lesson of excess?

You all have a purpose here on planet earth, each and every one of you. You think that you are just a grain of sand among billions but God sees and knows every single grain. You have all chosen to be on this beach for a reason.

You are each a stepping stone to your physical well being, thereby ensuring that you (humanity) will continue to exist.

And you are each a stepping stone to higher consciousness for someone else. It is your fundamental responsibility to share what you know or what you think you know.

SJ – Until God pulls the plug?

Joshua – You are not ready for a discussion about the end of the world. So may I continue?

SJ – Please, by all means do.

Joshua – As I was saying, everyone has a reason and a purpose for existing. For instance: The farmer feeds us, the sanitation worker keeps us clean, the doctor heals us and the teacher teaches.

SJ – Well those are the easy ones.

Joshua – Think about this:

The thief teaches us that we can survive without all of that material stuff or perhaps that we should have taken better care of a brother in need.

The murderer teaches us that we can never know when death will come and that we should make every day count as though it were our last. Or perhaps we should have taken better care of a brother in need.

SJ – So what does that say about the victim? I’m almost afraid to ask.  Was there a soul agreement between the murderer and victim?

Joshua – Maybe not between the two specific people but there was some understanding about the mission one planned to fulfill. How, when or where it would happen was an unknown but the impact on the people around them was planned.

And remember: You each have free will to change your mind, to go in a different direction. And if you fail in your self-imposed mission you are not a failure. No one is ever a failure. Every action, word and deed serves a purpose, good or bad.

SJ – What good can come from evil?

Joshua – Forgiveness, compassion, love.

SJ – How about hate and anger?

Joshua – How about overcoming hate and anger and finding compassion and forgiveness?

SJ – I guess all of this is leading to the answer to my original question? Who is in charge of my death, me or my soul?

Joshua – You are your soul. Remember . . . You are all just energy taking on form!

Your body is just transportation, a means to an end, held in little regard when it comes to a soul’s need to return to the source of life.

When you (soul) have decided that you have accomplished your mission on earth; or you are unable to manipulate your body and your circumstances into the position you need to accomplish your goals. . .


SJ – Enough said, thank you Joshua.

Sacrificial Lambs


SJ – I am very depressed about images I saw on the news of an abused child. Can you help me make sense of the overwhelming cruelty that humans seem to be capable of inflicting on their children, their pets, on other adults?

Joshua – You are a kind soul who cannot imagine inflicting pain on anyone or any animal but there are people in the world who are so lost that they are not really living in the present; they are disconnected from reality.

SJ – I don’t understand

Joshua – You would call this evil and it certainly appears to be such but these people are coming from a place so totally lacking in love that they need extraordinary stimulation to feel anything.

SJ – Where is that place?

Joshua – Sometimes they are progressing through a current of negative energy that they are fighting to get out of . . . life after life . . .  incarnation after incarnation . . . but they haven’t found a way or another soul that can, or will help them break out of this current of bad energy .

Imagine, if you will, that you are trapped in the rapids of a raging river. You are in a boat with a paddle and you are struggling to stay afloat. You are fighting the raging waters, some of you are thrilled by the danger; some of you are afraid and looking for a means of escape. Either way you need for someone to throw you a life line.

SJ – And that life line is a soul that loves you so much they are willing to incarnate as your victim?

Joshua – That’s right.

SJ – How does that resolve anything?

Joshua – Sometimes it’s for the benefit of others, such as yourself, who witness the drama unfolding in front of them and resolve to remedy the situation. And in so doing you create positive energy.

SJ – Okay I can see that but why does a person in pain feel joy when they are inflicting pain onto another living creature?

Joshua – They are inflicting pain so that they can see the pain that is inside of them. There is so much pain they need to see it. The way someone with love (positive energy) needs to manifest it in the physical by giving love to someone.  So does someone with hate (negative energy) need to manifest it in the physical by hurting someone.


SJ – You are speaking of the cycle of abuse, but they are just causing the cycle to continue.

Joshua – With their children they are.

SJ – So what do we do?

Joshua – You know what to do. You try to rescue those you can.

SJ – Each one of us?

Joshua – If you can be a foster parent do it, if you see abuse and you need to step in, do it, or call the authorities.  If you are a teacher or a personality in the media try to show love, normal behavior.

SJ – What about the person inflicting the pain?

Joshua – Hopefully they will learn something from the intervention.

 I made a comment before that God did not give you laws to live by. I do not want to give the impression that man’s laws are not necessary. They are of importance because they were created for the good of everyone, created so that the majority of you could live in peace. While laws do not necessarily stop crime they do provide a resource for dealing with criminals and protecting society.

SJ – In other words:  There are souls who are willing to come to the planet to suffer pain, the Sacrificial Lambs.

When you see first-hand what humans are capable of it’s amazing to me that a soul, fully aware of the consequences, chooses to come to the planet to suffer abuse.

Joshua – Not just abuse, some choose devastating physical or mental illness in order to allow another soul the opportunity to rise to their higher selves.

This means that if or when the abuser succeeds in conquering this negative or evil urge or a family member accepts the responsibility of caregiver, he/she raises the level of positive energy another notch in the spiritual world.

SJ – Let me just recap my beliefs here about soul lessons:  I personally believe in the evolution of the soul through a cycle of reincarnation into human form.  Obviously we make mistakes and in a perfect world we learn from our mistakes. However, often we can’t learn it all in one life time nor can we become empathetic to another’s pain unless we have felt that pain before. To know joy you must first know sadness; to know love you must first know hate etc.

I also believe that we are all connected to the same energy source and it is my belief that we are, as a collective unit, still trying to evolve into one unit of positive energy.

I admit I am still not clear on how we got into this predicament, however, you cannot argue with the reality that we are in a world where disease, pain and anger flourish and we have to fight for joy and love.

Remember: We are all just energy taking on form.