I Am Who I Chose To Be

This is a partial re-posting of a blog I wrote over a year ago titled Who or What is God and I think is worth repeating.

SJ – My intention is to share wisdom garnered from my life; from my own soul memories and from my muse whom I have named Joshua.

 SJ – All that I am I chose to be?

Joshua – That’s right

SJ – God didn’t do it?

Joshua – Nope

SJ – And I also chose the people in my life?

Joshua – The important ones.

SJ – What about the circumstances?

Joshua – Well, those are circumstances.

SJ – How about my feelings?

Joshua – You chose those too.

SJ – Is God responsible for anything?

Joshua – As a matter of fact he is. He created this magnificent planet and then let you live in it, proud artist that he is.

SJ – And like you said before, it was my bright idea to come here?

Joshua – Right again. You’re beginning to catch on.