A Soul Can Stop A Heart Beat

January 18, 2011

A reminder: I am having a conversation with my spirit guide, JOSHUA. You may call him my muse or my super-conscious or even my imagination. Our conversations started many years ago and so now thanks to the internet I am able to share what I have heard.

Why must I die?

SJ – Joshua you have said that the soul incarnates into human form with a mission in mind. For example, learning a specific lesson or doing something that will help humanity or even just one person. My question is:

When we have accomplished our mission is there any reason to stick around? Does the soul want to go back to the spirit world? Is our soul responsible for our death?

Joshua – I also mentioned to you many years ago that God is invested in you; he wants you to succeed in turning your energy into positive energy but in your physical terms this takes measurable time. In order to get enough time human beings have to survive. Your delicate bodies require nourishment, shelter, water and above all knowledge. For this reason some of you come to the planet on the mission to keep humanity going.

SJ – Are you saying that we are not all here for spiritual reasons?

Joshua ­– You’ve seen the blank looks from some people who have no idea of what you speak when you attempt to talk about spiritual matters?

SJ – Actually I’ve learned to be selective about revealing my innermost thoughts. Sometimes I am surprised by someone’s reaction but I think I instinctively know who to open up to and who to keep quiet around.

Joshua – I’ve seen that you are not shouting from the roof tops but you have made great progress in spreading the word, so to speak.

Don’t you think that if you were all truly aware that you are spiritual beings on a journey to godly awareness you would talk about this incessantly?

SJ – I suppose so. And yes I do what I can as a writer but I don’t see myself in a preacher’s pulpit anytime soon. And mostly I’m like everyone else, I’m more concerned with my physical condition and dare I use the worn out term my ego, “he loves me, he loves me not” or “does this dress make me look fat?” You know that sort of human conversation.

Joshua – That’s all about procreation and I might add a useful and much needed occupation of the mind and body.

SJ – Well frankly, I’m done with procreation so let’s go back to the subject at hand. When our soul is done with us, can it take us out?

Joshua – Yes, and don’t call me Frankly (Sorry, I’ve been watching old Airplane movies).

SJ – Sometimes I wonder if I’m really having a conversation with you, Joshua, or if it’s just my silly brain going back and forth?

Joshua – Where do you think you all get your humor from?

SJ – Are you claiming responsibility for all those Airplane movies?

Joshua – No, you can thank all of those creative types who came to the planet to bring joy and laughter to all those sad faces I see down there.

SJ – Which reminds me, we were talking about death!

Most of us are not happy about leaving this physical life. The exception might be someone who has suffered a long illness and wants relief. But the majority of us will do back flips to stay here.

Joshua – Really, when is the last time you exercised or resisted the wrong foods?

SJ – Guilty as charged and I even know what my soul is up to; it’s trying to get off the planet. That’s why I’m asking the question: Who is in charge here? Most of us want to stay but we are sure making it hard on the body to continue functioning properly.

Joshua – So maybe you’re teaching each other the lesson of excess?

You all have a purpose here on planet earth, each and every one of you. You think that you are just a grain of sand among billions but God sees and knows every single grain. You have all chosen to be on this beach for a reason.

You are each a stepping stone to your physical well being, thereby ensuring that you (humanity) will continue to exist.

And you are each a stepping stone to higher consciousness for someone else. It is your fundamental responsibility to share what you know or what you think you know.

SJ – Until God pulls the plug?

Joshua – You are not ready for a discussion about the end of the world. So may I continue?

SJ – Please, by all means do.

Joshua – As I was saying, everyone has a reason and a purpose for existing. For instance: The farmer feeds us, the sanitation worker keeps us clean, the doctor heals us and the teacher teaches.

SJ – Well those are the easy ones.

Joshua – Think about this:

The thief teaches us that we can survive without all of that material stuff or perhaps that we should have taken better care of a brother in need.

The murderer teaches us that we can never know when death will come and that we should make every day count as though it were our last. Or perhaps we should have taken better care of a brother in need.

SJ – So what does that say about the victim? I’m almost afraid to ask.  Was there a soul agreement between the murderer and victim?

Joshua – Maybe not between the two specific people but there was some understanding about the mission one planned to fulfill. How, when or where it would happen was an unknown but the impact on the people around them was planned.

And remember: You each have free will to change your mind, to go in a different direction. And if you fail in your self-imposed mission you are not a failure. No one is ever a failure. Every action, word and deed serves a purpose, good or bad.

SJ – What good can come from evil?

Joshua – Forgiveness, compassion, love.

SJ – How about hate and anger?

Joshua – How about overcoming hate and anger and finding compassion and forgiveness?

SJ – I guess all of this is leading to the answer to my original question? Who is in charge of my death, me or my soul?

Joshua – You are your soul. Remember . . . You are all just energy taking on form!

Your body is just transportation, a means to an end, held in little regard when it comes to a soul’s need to return to the source of life.

When you (soul) have decided that you have accomplished your mission on earth; or you are unable to manipulate your body and your circumstances into the position you need to accomplish your goals. . .


SJ – Enough said, thank you Joshua.