Old Age


SJ – My intention is to share wisdom garnered from my life; from my
own soul memories and from my muse whom I have named Joshua.

I’ve just had another birthday and I guess I should be happy that I’m still here but old age is creeping up and I’m not thrilled about the physical changes that are land
sliding towards me.

Joshua – The soul decides when you die but you decide how you live.  Your
old age depends on your personal assessment of what it means to be old.

SJ – Are you saying that old age is a state of mind?

Joshua – The natural thing to do for most of you is to behave in your old age the way you saw your parents behave. But now with mass communication you can see how others handle aging.   

I know that DNA is an important factor here but remember you are mind, body and soul and you must get the three working in unison if you want to leave this world with a happy frame of mind.

SJ – What about life’s tragedies: environmental disasters, disease, stupid people?

Joshua – Circumstances will always interfere but if you are healthy in your three areas of direct responsibility you will manage to have a decent life in your golden years.

SJ – Direct responsibility; I am responsible for me and I don’t like it! It’s so much easier to blame someone or something else.

Joshua – Remember I said that the condition of your body is a reflection on the health of your soul. Your soul has a lot of power over your body. And your mind has control of the
energy vibrations you send out to the world. That is why it is so important to observe the teachings of the great masters who taught love.

SJ – And the mind is connected to the soul? And the trouble comes when we are disconnected?

Joshua – No, you can never disconnect the three (mind, body and soul), the trouble comes when you forget that you are a holy trinity. The more time you waste on being angry at the world the more difficult your journey will be. Being angry at anyone is a
total waste of time and you know that, so yes I am saying be a little self centered here when it comes to anger and push it away for the benefit of receiving and living a healthy old age. The same goes for regret: you can’t take back what has already transpired. You can try to make amends which might be commendable in some cases but generally you need to just move

SJ – Move forward? Easy for you to say, you’re free of physical restraints while those of
us down here are dragging around old baggage and old bodies.

Joshua – If you are stuck it’s because of your own thoughts and beliefs or to put it bluntly the lies you have told yourself through the years.

SJ – Like what?

Joshua – Lies like you’re going to be weak, fragile, demented, pretty much useless. All of that is a mind set. You can still accomplish much it’s just that by now you are more in tune with your surroundings; you’re not so myopic concerning goals. You will move through life at a slower pace but that is only because you are wiser.

SJ –  Slower? You do know that time is a wasting; I can’t really afford to move slower.

Joshua – Always remember that whatever happens to you was your choice either on a conscious level, a subconscious level or a super conscious.

SJ – Could you just explain each level?

Joshua – A conscious level means that you are facing the consequences of decisions you made while you where wide awake and aware of your body. For instance: who you chose for a mate, for friends, for jobs, for pleasure, for fun etc.  Many factors that are in your life are there because you put yourself in that situation. So why waste your time with regrets or being angry when consequences come back to hit you in the face?

Subconsciously you make decisions for reasons you are not aware of based on the circumstances of your childhood or where you lived or the times you live in.

Again stop whining because even these decisions you chose to live through, to work through so that you would have the opportunity to rise above and beyond your upbringing. This is part of soul growth, so to be angry with your parents or society for whatever reason is to be angry with yourself. This is your karma that you are working
through, your reason for existing on this planet in this lifetime. So bless the opportunities presented to you to grow spiritually, mentally and physically. After all if you had been born into Paradise why bother to be born at all?

SJ – Some of us might take issue with that, I mean isn’t it our goal to live in paradise?

Joshua – Yes but Paradise was not on the planet. Paradise was a spiritual existence. The Adam and Eve story was a way to explain what you all had lost in a way that physical minds could understand.

SJ – Okay I don’t really want to get into the biblical stories at the moment. You were saying …

Joshua – The third option was about decisions made on a super-conscious or soul level. This is where Karma comes into play. You don’t have karma with other people you have karma with yourself.

You made a soul decision to be who you are; who your parents are; where you live and even your physical appearance. Those around you are here to help you on your path to
spiritual awareness; to propel you into learning what you’re made of on a soul level.

You designed your whole life with the sole purpose of elevating yourself into a higher spiritual existence so that you don’t have to come back into a physical body, so that you
could stay in heaven or Paradise.

In other words you have to earn your ticket and you can’t do this if you are walking around the planet pissed off all the time. All of the great teachers have taught that you are here to experience love.

SJ – I’m living on the edge of harmony and I have to fight everyday to stay there, never mind living in complete harmony. But that’s my goal isn’t it?

Joshua –  You are all teetering on the edge of harmony as you say. Your goal is to take that step over the fence into complete harmony with the universe.

SJ – But first we have to be in harmony with ourselves?

Joshua – Happy Birthday! Soundestjewel, you’re well on your way!