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Some authors call the phenomenon of a story writing itself on paper, stream of consciousness.

I call my ability to write paragraph after paragraph, and page after page in a frenzied state of non-stop typing, automatic writing.

One day as I sat in front of my keyboard a woman began to tell me her story of romance and adventure with a rumrunner during the days of Prohibition in America. I became intrigued with a time in American history that gave birth to men like Al Capone and Elliot Ness. I researched my facts and together with the voice of May Kaney conjured up an erotic love story set during days of moonshiners, bootleggers, mobsters and rumrunners. I’ve titled my novel The Rum Runner’s Woman under the pen name Mia Soul and it is now available on Amazon.Kindle.  Soon to be released in paperback form.

I have no idea where my characters come from. Perhaps I remember past lives. Perhaps they are souls who died centuries ago who have come to beg for a chance to tell their stories.  (see my post Soul Whisperer on this blog.) All I know is that when someone is so desperate to tell their story they travel through time and space to crash into my awareness, I am compelled to write down their words and share their story with the world.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be gifted with the ability to channel information from beyond the veil. Conversations with Joshua is channeled information from a spirit guide who tells me his name is Joshua.

It was during a past life regression session that I learned of a life I led as a Nomad warrior during the time of Jesus. And it was because of my ability to channel that I’m able to tell the story of a life we lived together so long ago. As I am also a painter I have created the channeled portrait of Nur as seen below.

Sohebel Portrait of Nur

Novels by Mia Soul

Chronicles of a Medium Series




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