August 23, 2011


This is a conversation with my spirit guide Joshua. The blog today is slightly different from the others. Joshua seems more urgent about the information he gives and it is also a little more personal.

 SJ – Joshua is there anything you want me to know?

Joshua  – Always, we are about to face a decision you and I.

SJ – What?

Joshua – You are either a medium or you are not.

SJ – What?

Joshua – It is time for you to get busy with your mission on this planet, so listen to me.

SJ – Okay.

Joshua – You need to seriously open up so we can tell you what to do.

SJ – What do I do?

Joshua – First get rid of all this clutter. Clutter makes you and everybody else crazy. Stuff has an energy about it that takes up space in the room.

SJ – I didn’t know energy needed space.

Joshua – It needs space to vibrate. Keep only the things that are personal to you, not because it was special to your mother or your grandmother or because the ad agency in NY said you needed to have it. Do this today then tomorrow you will begin to meditate and take yourself seriously.  We have work to do.

SJ – I’m thinking you don’t mean just me?

Joshua – No everybody needs to have a space for solitude where they can sit quietly and meditate, open up to their spiritual selves but I am talking to you now. Time is of the essence for what’s coming.

SJ – What’s coming?

Joshua – A change is in the air and all of the light workers will need to speak up. Churches are crumbling, governments are crumbling because there is a new order coming, a global order brought about by technology; a connection between all of mankind will happen soon.

SJ – You know governments can put an end to technology. They’re trying that in the middle-east.

Joshua – And it’s not working because technology is driven by private corporations, corporations who can over ride anything governments do.

SJ – Is this bad? After all corporations don’t collect taxes or send young men to war?

Joshua – True but they also don’t pave roads, create water systems or pay Social Security. But they can and do direct your lives. Look at the natural resources taken out of the earth and squandered on unnecessary items; look at the rate of obesity in the United States because of products put out by  corporations that are designed to cause addictions; look at the people sick from poison in cigarettes or pesticide in the plants and atmosphere. Corporations do that and governments don’t stop them until they are threatened by public outcry.

SJ – Why are you, Joshua, into all of this and why do you need the light workers?

Joshua – Because all that will be left is the light.

SJ – Do you mean we are dying off?

Joshua – No, I mean that all that will be left for each individual to control is their own light.

SJ – Do you mean what I think you mean; that we will lose total control of our lives?

Joshua – You already have. You eat what they give you in the stores; you live where you can find a job; you cannot move from place to place because you cannot afford the gas.

SJ – But what can we do with that light?

Joshua – You can create massive positive energy.

SJ – To what end?

Joshua – To the end of the universe;  to the end of time.

SJ – And when is that?

Joshua – Not for billions of years.  But if you want to exist as a human species for that long you have to know who you really are.

SJ – And who are we really?

Joshua – You are spiritual beings with bodies, light workers each and every
one of you.

SJ – Joshua where are we going with this conversation?

Joshua – We are going to figure out what you need to do.

SJ – We, I?

Joshua – Okay you are going to figure out what you need to be doing today.

SJ – Clear out the clutter today?

Joshua – You’ll get it back.

SJ – I’m sure you’re right. Every time I think I’ve cleared the house more stuff shows up. So once I’ve cleared the clutter, then what?

Joshua – Come back tonight and I will tell you.

SJ – Guess I’m going to do some Spring Cleaning.

Next Day

SJ – As you are well aware you and I are writing a blog. Am I to talk about clutter? Light workers? Positive Energy?

Joshua – Post about the clutter. . .actually post about all of it as is.

SJ – Okay is there anything I need to add to this blog?

Joshua – It’s your blog say what you want about me.

SJ – About you? I don’t really know who you are. For all I know you’re my imagination gone hay wire!

Are you the strong male spirit who lives with me that all of the psychics tell me they see?

Joshua – Yes but I am not alone. We are almost exclusively male guides for you.

SJ – Why?

Joshua – We have protected you in ways you cannot imagine. You have suffered emotional harm which was your karma to suffer but never physical harm. We gave you a shield of sorts.

SJ – Thank you!