Sacrificial Lambs


SJ – I am very depressed about images I saw on the news of an abused child. Can you help me make sense of the overwhelming cruelty that humans seem to be capable of inflicting on their children, their pets, on other adults?

Joshua – You are a kind soul who cannot imagine inflicting pain on anyone or any animal but there are people in the world who are so lost that they are not really living in the present; they are disconnected from reality.

SJ – I don’t understand

Joshua – You would call this evil and it certainly appears to be such but these people are coming from a place so totally lacking in love that they need extraordinary stimulation to feel anything.

SJ – Where is that place?

Joshua – Sometimes they are progressing through a current of negative energy that they are fighting to get out of . . . life after life . . .  incarnation after incarnation . . . but they haven’t found a way or another soul that can, or will help them break out of this current of bad energy .

Imagine, if you will, that you are trapped in the rapids of a raging river. You are in a boat with a paddle and you are struggling to stay afloat. You are fighting the raging waters, some of you are thrilled by the danger; some of you are afraid and looking for a means of escape. Either way you need for someone to throw you a life line.

SJ – And that life line is a soul that loves you so much they are willing to incarnate as your victim?

Joshua – That’s right.

SJ – How does that resolve anything?

Joshua – Sometimes it’s for the benefit of others, such as yourself, who witness the drama unfolding in front of them and resolve to remedy the situation. And in so doing you create positive energy.

SJ – Okay I can see that but why does a person in pain feel joy when they are inflicting pain onto another living creature?

Joshua – They are inflicting pain so that they can see the pain that is inside of them. There is so much pain they need to see it. The way someone with love (positive energy) needs to manifest it in the physical by giving love to someone.  So does someone with hate (negative energy) need to manifest it in the physical by hurting someone.


SJ – You are speaking of the cycle of abuse, but they are just causing the cycle to continue.

Joshua – With their children they are.

SJ – So what do we do?

Joshua – You know what to do. You try to rescue those you can.

SJ – Each one of us?

Joshua – If you can be a foster parent do it, if you see abuse and you need to step in, do it, or call the authorities.  If you are a teacher or a personality in the media try to show love, normal behavior.

SJ – What about the person inflicting the pain?

Joshua – Hopefully they will learn something from the intervention.

 I made a comment before that God did not give you laws to live by. I do not want to give the impression that man’s laws are not necessary. They are of importance because they were created for the good of everyone, created so that the majority of you could live in peace. While laws do not necessarily stop crime they do provide a resource for dealing with criminals and protecting society.

SJ – In other words:  There are souls who are willing to come to the planet to suffer pain, the Sacrificial Lambs.

When you see first-hand what humans are capable of it’s amazing to me that a soul, fully aware of the consequences, chooses to come to the planet to suffer abuse.

Joshua – Not just abuse, some choose devastating physical or mental illness in order to allow another soul the opportunity to rise to their higher selves.

This means that if or when the abuser succeeds in conquering this negative or evil urge or a family member accepts the responsibility of caregiver, he/she raises the level of positive energy another notch in the spiritual world.

SJ – Let me just recap my beliefs here about soul lessons:  I personally believe in the evolution of the soul through a cycle of reincarnation into human form.  Obviously we make mistakes and in a perfect world we learn from our mistakes. However, often we can’t learn it all in one life time nor can we become empathetic to another’s pain unless we have felt that pain before. To know joy you must first know sadness; to know love you must first know hate etc.

I also believe that we are all connected to the same energy source and it is my belief that we are, as a collective unit, still trying to evolve into one unit of positive energy.

I admit I am still not clear on how we got into this predicament, however, you cannot argue with the reality that we are in a world where disease, pain and anger flourish and we have to fight for joy and love.

Remember: We are all just energy taking on form.