A Conversation with Nur

Nur in the Desert

32 AD – Desert Campsite
Nur removed the sword from its sheath and held it up by the light of the blazing campfire. The precious stones in the gold hilt sparkled in the light. He grunted in disgust when he noticed a tiny speck of blood on the beautiful emerald, the centerpiece of his prized possession. He was always amazed at how many men were willing to die for a roll
of silk or a bundle of cinnamon. If more men surrendered, he would not have to spend so much time cleaning his weapons, he reasoned.

Mia – Before I ever thought of writing a book you came to me.  Actually I want to say you pushed your way into my life. I was innocently typing away at something, I’ve forgotten what, when you began recounting this incredible story to me. Do you remember your first words?

Nur – I said: “It has been two thousand years since you and I were together and still our souls suffer the effects of those long ago events.” Those words did get your attention.

Mia – As you can see I wrote a book about our life together two thousand years ago. Are you satisfied with the outcome?

Nur – You worked really hard and I am thrilled with your efforts.            

Mia – Thrilled with my efforts! Is that all you have to say?

Nur – I am embarrassed because I was the aggressor in the story and you were the aggrieved. Even in this life, I have caused you many lost years.

Mia – What do you mean by lost years?

Nur- Let’s face it you could have been doing many other things instead of sitting in front of a keyboard typing out my story.

Mia – Correction, our story. I wanted to hear the story as much as you wanted to tell it. So just for grins, do you mind quoting your next line?

Nur – “I am Nur. Two thousand years ago I murdered you, and
I am here to beg your forgiveness.”

You could have just listened without spending so much time writing a book.

Mia – I had to write it because this is a story about forgiveness and redemption. If I could forgive a man who murdered me then it is possible to forgive anyone their sins.

Nur – You know that it is more than that. You wrote a romantic love story about Sam and Christy. And you managed to convey the powerful bond two men can have with each other. Honestly I almost cried and I knew the story.                                       

Mia – Are you mocking me?

Nur- Never in a million years, my jewel. By now you know that we are soul mates for all time. Hopefully before we agree to our next life we will choose to incarnate as lovers instead of two men within a family. Then I shall show you how much I love you.

Mia – Why wait until we incarnate again. In the story you showed me how spirits make love: “A powerful vacuum force inhaled Christy’s energy and blended it with Nur’s. The two souls spun together like a whirling tornado. . . .”

Nur – I know, I know but that part of the story was just your wonderful imagination. And as I recall sex on earth is not just about love; it’s about power and control; it’s about intrigue and revenge. Oh how I miss that planet!

Mia – I’m not so sure you have evolved all that much spiritually. You said to me in the story that when I passed on from this life that you would be waiting for me at the gate. Are you going to rush me back into mortal form or will I get a chance to recoup?

Nur – You and I have not incarnated together on earth since that fateful night so long ago, when I plunged a dagger into your heart.

Mia – Why not?

Nur – I needed to incarnate with other souls into other situations so that I could grow emotionally and spiritually before encountering you again. Our passion for one another runs so deep that I might have hurt you again or you might have taken revenge out on me. I could not let that happen because it would take many lifetimes to atone for those sins.

Mia – Were you paving the way for our mortal reunion by asking me to forgive you now through my open channel?

Nur – Indeed I was. And you allowed me to caress your soul with my words. You stayed and you listened to me.                                                                                        

Mia – How is that you could go from fierce warrior and thief to a follower of Christ?

Nur – You were there, do you not remember?

Mia – I only know what I have typed on the keyboard. I can fantasize what we looked like or what the scenery looked like but I do not actually see it, or smell it, or feel it. For that matter I could not know two thousand years ago what you were thinking or
feeling unless you told me; no more than I can know what someone in my present life is actually thinking.
Note to reader: (During my lifetime with Nur, two thousand years ago, I was his son-in-law, Armand, and married to his daughter, Ecibel. I refused to obey Nur’s orders to kill the man who stole his sword.)

Nur – And for that reason, I plunged a dagger into your heart. The guilt and pain I felt after murdering you nearly destroyed me. I was physically sick. I wretched for days; my legs were so weak I could barely stand and my head throbbed with agonizing, blinding pain.  My daughter, Ecibel, and my wife, Sephora, would not speak to me so intense was their anger. I began to feel some relief when I justified my actions by blaming the man who caused you to change. Finally I forced myself to go to that little spot of earth where you died. I looked down and saw your blood smeared across a rock. I broke down and my body shook in anguish. When at last I could stand again I made the decision to find the man I deemed responsible for your death.

Mia – So you went looking for Jesus?

Nur – I could not blame myself for this heinous act of murder so I blamed Jesus. As you know I set out to find him and kill him.

Mia – But you didn’t kill him, in fact in the end you were ready to lay down your life for him.

Nur – He had an energy about him that is almost indescribable. When he walked the air around him seemed to pop. There was a power about him that even I, as a chief, did not have. I was powerful because to disobey me was to court death. When I wanted something, I took it. If a man resisted, he died. If a woman resisted, she was banished from the tribe.

Mia – I suppose all that was normal for the times, but I can’t help but feel that you weren’t ‘bad to the bone’, as they say.

Nur – I was considered a good leader and provider for my tribe; and, I never killed a woman or harmed a child.                                                                                                

Mia – As I recall every man wanted to fight for you and every woman wanted to belong to you.

Nur – I believed this was my rightful position in life. When you (Armand) disobeyed me; and even worse when you declared that you would only obey Jesus, it was an insult I could not withstand. But in the end your actions brought me to salvation as well.

Mia – If you are saved, as you say, why are you spending time with me?

Nur – I am here on my knees, begging you to forgive me.

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