Universal Consciousness

Front cover CMYKMarch 11, 2012


SJ – We haven’t posted anything in quite a while.

Joshua – I know do you want to?

SJ – Yes

Joshua – Souls carry emotions with them when they ascend and these emotions are released into the Universal Consciousness.

SJ – Universal Consciousness?

Joshua – You’re not just ‘whistling Dixie’ down there you know. You’re accumulating knowledge, information and above all energy that you release into the world stream of consciousness when your body dies. So it is important that each one of you take care about how you leave this planet and what you take with you.

SJ – You mean like peaceful vs. violent deaths?

Joshua – Yes

SJ – But we really don’t have control over that.

Joshua – Men do purposefully and consciously go to war; murder one another; act stupidly such as driving drunk etc. People might think twice if they were taught that their actions matter.

SJ – I think you mean our actions matter to the Universe? We all know that there are consequences for our actions.

Joshua – Energy goes round and round; it comes back.

SJ – Are we talking about karma again?

Joshua – No karma as we have stated before is with oneself about oneself. I’m talking about the energy that is released from every living thing, human or beast. Even a plant releases negative energy when it is picked or stepped on.

SJ – But we have to eat plants. I mean I’m already not eating animals.

Joshua – The eastern religions have it right when they live a mindful life and eat mindfully.

SJ – We say grace before each meal.

Joshua –  And you are therefore mindful of the bounty given to you by mother earth and this puts out positive energy. It is not an accident that the idea to give thanks entered someone’s head and was adopted by so many people.

SJ – So we cancel the negative with the positive action of acknowledging the sacrifice of the plant or animal? I think that you are again talking about positive and negative energy?

Joshua – You are correct and I say this to you: Do not underestimate the importance of positive attitude.

Many of you are willing to try this because you think it will affect personal outcomes for each of you but I am here to tell you that while this is true, the most important effect is the energy that is poured into the Universal Consciousness. It is this Universal Consciousness that dictates how things will go and how they will eventually end for you humans. So begin teaching this now.

SJ – So when I’m cranky with friends or family members or the guy on the road in my way I’m not just hurting my own karma, I am releasing poison air, so to speak, into our universe?

Joshua  –  Correct. Humans are evolving at a rapid rate of speed technologically, socially and spiritually. And this is no accident. You are racing toward the ultimate purpose of your existence.

SJ – Which is?

Joshua – Your purpose is to bring positive energy to your Universal Consciousness so that it can merge with other conscious entities in other worlds.

SJ – Other entities?

Joshua – God wants to see something else beside the now unimaginative actions that have been going on for centuries with you humans.

SJ – You mean we’re boring God? Now that you mention it soap operas are going off the air so I guess even we are bored with all the relationship drama.  But these ‘goings on’ as you say are new to every soul that is born into this physical world.

Joshua – Seriously! (I like that you all say that now). May I remind you, you’ve been a believer in reincarnation for quite some time now.

SJ – Well yes.

Joshua – Then you know or should know that I am talking about your soul enduring your reckless actions lifetime after lifetime.

Even your physical minds are tired of all the drama. How many more wars can you have before you wipe yourselves off the planet; how many more failed marriages must you all endure?  You are all ready for new experiences.

SJ – You mean experiences with extra-terrestrials?

Joshua – Yes and, here’s the exciting part: You will be able to interact with souls who have passed on and souls who live in other realms.

The human race is ready for some new drama; new experiences. Thanks to television and the internet you see that people all over the world go through the same life dramas as you . But listen to me, girl, more amazing inventions are coming.

SJ – So you’re saying we are all jaded because we see the same dramas over and over all over the world?

Joshua – Yes and you see that the human experience is limited and is therefore becoming boring. How much sex can you watch in videos; how much violence do you want to see in movies? You are even resorting to seeing machines fighting each other because blood and guts no longer hold your interest.

SJ – So it’s time for us to explore new worlds, new adventures? And the energy we are putting out into the atmosphere or the universal consciousness will affect some sort of space or soul travel?

Joshua – Exactly! You all need to pour out positive energy. Do what all of your prophets have tried to convey to you: Love.

There is something wonderful waiting for all of you if you will just do that. For centuries you have believed in heaven. Now believe me when I tell you that “heaven” is within your reach but it does not look like what you expect.

SJ – In other words it’s not about morality; we’re not being “good” to reach heaven, we’re being good to manufacture positive energy?  And this energy is going to propel us to new and exciting adventures with the spirit world?

Joshua – Yes. The angels first came to earth because it seemed fun and thrilling but they stayed in physical form too long; they forgot how to get back to heaven.

So now you will all have to work backwards; back to the time when angels could easily travel from heaven and earth the way you go from New York to Paris.  You get the picture?

SJ – To just sum this up: We humans are bored with the drama of our lives because we’ve watched this drama unfold for us in movies; internet; world news etc. and there is nothing new under the sun. It’s always the same old story just different players.

For those of us who believe in reincarnation does this mean we don’t need to keep accumulating life experiences so that we can progress toward heaven?

Joshua – Right this method is old news now. That is why there are so many light workers banding together; again thanks to the internet. They will attempt to lead the rest of the human race into the future. A future that will take you onto adventures you cannot even dream about from your myopic human experience.

SJ – I see it now: I’m in love triangle with an extra-terrestrial and Attila the Hun. That should be exciting enough! Is there anything else I need to know?

Joshua – No I think you get the picture. So start putting out positive energy and continue your meditation which by the way is taking you further then even I thought you could go.

SJ – Well I’m still not doing it on my own; it’s thanks to some very gifted light workers that I’m able to open my heart more and more.

Joshua – Amen to that. . .love


The Unexpected Journey

Jan 9, 2012

SJ – Do you have any topic you want to discuss today?

Joshua – Absolutely you are about to embark on an unexpected journey into your soul and it will happen soon.

SJ – What is it?

Joshua – I told you it’s unexpected.

SJ – Great that should hold my readers’ interest.

Joshua – Okay let’s talk about unpredictable situations.

SJ – Okay.

Joshua – If you think that life is unpredictable you are right.

SJ – Not such a news flash, Joshua.

Joshua – Let me finish.

SJ – Be my guest, I’m all ears.

Joshua – When life becomes such a mess, as most people are in, than you will focus on your true path thus the unpredictable is actually the path you’re supposed to be on.

SJ – You’re losing my interest Joshua.

Joshua – Okay let us say that once you are on a path set forth by your soul you will be able to drive faster and faster to your goals.

SJ – So am I on that path?

Joshua – Yes.  Now do you get what I’m trying to say?

SJ – Not really.

Joshua – You were not expecting to have to be a caregiver all of your life. You thought that you would be a world class artist but life kept getting in the way. You had three children, three husbands, jobs of all sorts, then grandkids and now you have your mother at home. So you turned to your keyboard when there was a moment of silence and you found me.

SJ – Yes I did and I am forever grateful for that. You have been a kind of a spiritual Dear Abby to me. I’ve posted our conversations even though they’re personal because I know my story is like a million others. And perhaps someone will benefit from your words of wisdom.

Thanks to you, my friends and all the soul searching I’ve been doing, I’m in a really good place now; so no more whining from me.

I would like for you to tell me who you really are. Are you the biblical Joshua?

Joshua – Maybe.

SJ – Don’t toy with me Joshua.

Joshua – The answers you seek depend on you. You really need to start meditating.

SJ – I’m sorry but meditating is boring, there’s no fighting, no sex, no intrigue, no adventure just annoying silence.

Joshua – If you will sit still and do it right you’ll get all the mind blowing adventure you can handle.

SJ – For the love of God Joshua, just tell me who you are.  I’m a medium for God’s sake, I don’t need to meditate.

Joshua – Getting huffy are we. You must stay on your journey and follow each successive step as your soul intended for you to do.

SJ – Just give me one little nugget of information to inspire me then.

Joshua – You will be inspired soon so just wait.

SJ – What do I have to do to get there?

Joshua – Light the candles while you meditate.

SJ – Don’t you mean type? That is, after all, how I meditate.

Joshua – That is how you channel. Meditation is an entirely different experience. So get to it child!

SJ – Yes, sir.

Joshua – That’s my girl!

The Soul Whisperer

My intention for writing this blog is to share wisdom garnered from my life, from my own soul memories and from my spirit guide who tells me his name is Joshua.

Are we ready?

SJ – So Joshua in a few days it will be 2012.  do you want to keep writing the blog?

Joshua – Do you?

SJ – Well there are a few followers. What do you want to talk about?

Joshua – Let’s talk about hope.

SJ – What do you want to say about hope?

Joshua – It is an energetically tangible expression of love. Only in love can you have hope. Because it is with love that you are able to expect a happy ending.

SJ – Okay makes sense but what has this got to do with me.

Joshua – You are losing hope about your writing skills and whether or not anyone is interested or listening.

SJ – That is true.

Joshua – So do you enjoy writing?

SJ – Yes

Joshua – Then what does it matter if anyone reads what your write?

SJ – It matters because it validates that my thoughts are worth something to someone and that I’m not wasting my time.

Joshua – Are you feeling worthless?

SJ – Well not worthless in the sense that I don’t deserve to exist, just worthless in that I don’t seem to have the writing skills required to make a living doing something I love to do.

Joshua – Let me tell you something my daughter of the truth seekers, you are not worthless as long as you love one person. And you write because you love the spirit who sends you his thoughts. You write because another soul has whispered his secrets to you and has poured out his heart. So if no one ever reads a word of what you wrote down, know that you have created a small space of love for another soul, a soul who has passed on and is still seeking resolve for the life he just led.

You are a medium for the departed not the living. You offer a chance for someone to review their past history; someone who walked this earth and struggled with demons of their own making; someone who desperately sought happiness; someone who loved and hated; someone who survived the best way they knew how but upon reflection are not sure if they chose the right path or made the right decisions.

I know that you do not just listen, you converse with the departed soul, even offer advice. By allowing this soul to review their life with you, you are ultimately a gateway for eternal bliss to a soul who has left this earth.

A soul who has passed on is no different from a soul on earth, they want to be heard; they want to talk about the life they just led, or what they consider to be their most important life. You are not just a sounding board to them because you have sympathy and empathy for them and their life story. You cry with them and laugh with them. Your reactions validate their lives; the joy they experienced and the pain they suffered.

And this should show you that the  desire to be heard will never go away even after one has passed on. Every soul living or dead wants to be heard; to be seen; to not be invisible or forgotten. That is how important a life in human form is.

SJ – Are you saying that one of the reasons a soul wants to be human is so they can act out their emotions?

Joshua – Precisely. It is only in human form that a soul can see, touch, hear and smell the consequences of their actions; only in human form can you be charitable, accomplished, vengeful, remorseful and all of the other emotions you humans are capable of feeling.

SJ – Can’t they do that in the spiritual realm?

Joshua – Not without physical bodies.

SJ – But can’t they feel emotions without a body?

Joshua – Emotions without wet tears on your face or the sound of laughter in your ears do not have the same intensity when you’re only a soul. Or how about when you’re part of an audience and you all applaud in agreement for a good performance.

SJ – It gives the feeling of unity.

Joshua – When a soul tells you his story he can relive these emotions through you. And he can come to some sort of resolution about his life when he lived on the planet earth.

SJ – Well their real life stories are more interesting than most of the fiction I read.

Joshua – That is because you feel the emotion behind the words just as if they were sitting in front of you talking to you, one on one.

SJ – Do you know the spirit who is currently telling me his story?

Joshua – Yes

SJ – What do you think?

Joshua – I think he is keeping you company and lifting your spirits in exchange for your time.

SJ – So as you are speaking to me I am thinking that perhaps I should post his story as a private blog given to only a few people?

Joshua – I think that you are taking a risk.

SJ – Why?

Joshua – You are talking about someone somebody out there knows.

SJ – What do you think might happen?

Joshua – Lawsuit.

SJ – Do you know this for sure or are you just reflecting my own fears back to me?

Joshua – I’m just reflecting back your fears.

SJ – Can’t you give me some legal advice?

Joshua – That’s what lawyers are for. I’m your spiritual advisor. So take a leap, make contact with a solid mass of cells.

SJ – I take it you mean a lawyer?

Joshua – Of course, now do you have any more spiritual matters to talk about?

SJ – No, I think you’ve given me enough to ponder on.

Joshua – Okay then, until next time.