Worry, Worry

June 21, 1011


SJ – I’m back to bother you Joshua.

Just when I think I have my life in order, that my spiritual journey is keeping my mortal life in check and that I have nothing to worry about something pops up to worry me. So now I am exhausted from worrying about why I’m still worrying about inconsequential things etc. etc. blah blah blah. . .

Please Joshua, don’t let me babble on and on. Say something!

Joshua – You need to realize that most things are out of your control and worrying is a waste of time.

SJ – Easy for you to say as you sit up there in serene bliss. I can’t stop myself from worrying, and believe me I try cause I know better. But nothing I say to myself works. I think the only way to not to worry is to live in a bubble; away from people, the environment, even animals.

Joshua – This is what you chose when you decided to inhabit a human body and live on the planet. And it is precisely why you came.

SJ – Are you saying I chose chaos, disaster and tragedy over peace and quiet?  Are you saying I chose crying, heartbreak, and emotional torture over security and love? I thought I came for love?

Joshua – You came to earn, to learn and to give love in spite of all these difficulties. When you can overcome the ego’s need to control you earn grace or positive energy.

SJ – The spiritual world is predictable, peaceful and joyful.

Joshua – Precisely! And personally I can only take so much of that. Supposedly when we (spiritual entities) are evolved enough to feel the pure bliss of Positive Energy (God) we won’t miss all of the emotional turmoil you experience on earth.

SJ – So you become voyeurs in the guise of guides come to help us poor mortals?

Joshua – My, my, you are cynical. But yes, that’s part of it, the other is to earn grace to reach that promised bliss and of course you know we do love you and your solid mass of

SJ – How romantically you put it Joshua. I’m just a solid mass of cells?

Joshua – Without your soul, yeah, pretty much that’s what you are. . . a rock! Just evolution taking shape, energy taking form.